Performance at Scotland’s A&E units improved in the second week of January, after two of the worst weeks on record.

Statistics showed 85.8% of patients attending emergency departments were dealt with within the four-hour target time.

This was up from 77.9% in the first week of the year and 78% in the run-up to Hogmanay.

There were 2,400 fewer patients attending A&E in the second week of the year than the previous week.

The figures showed there were 22,883 attendances at A&E, the lowest figure since exactly a year ago, when 90% were seen within the target time.

The latest stats showed 552 patients spent more than eight hours in an emergency department and 118 were there for more than 12 hours, both well down on the previous week.

The flu rate for the start of the year was five times higher than the same time last year, putting pressure on A&E.

The latest Health Protection Statistics, covering the same period as the A&E figures, said the rate was 114 people per 100,000 reporting a flu-like illness in the week to 14 January.

However, health experts believed the flu rate peaked around this time.

The Scottish government’s A&E target is for 95% of patients to be admitted, discharged or transferred within four hours.

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