UKIP’s Henry Bolton is leaving the fate of his leadership to a vote of party members, telling Sky News: “If that goes against me, then I will stand down”.

The embattled politician has so far refused to quit his role despite a vote of no confidence in his leadership by UKIP’s ruling body, and multiple resignations from his team of spokespeople.

The party leader is now aiming to win a ballot of UKIP members at an emergency general meeting, scheduled for next month, in his bid to save his position.

Asked what it would take for him to stand down, Mr Bolton told Sky News: “It will take a vote of the members at the EGM.

“If that goes against me, then I will stand down.

“It won’t be a case of a resignation, that will be the end of my time as leader.”

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On Monday, Mr Bolton called for an overhaul of UKIP’s party structures as he, repeating an oft-used phrase of US President Donald Trump, vowed to “drain the swamp”.

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